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The digital age has seen the rise of many activities that used to require you to leave the house, but can now be done from the comfort of your couch. That, of course, includes many people's favorite thing to do, blow all our hard earned cash… Shopping. The rise of online shopping is clear to see as many people no longer feel the need to flock to crowded shopping malls on weekends. Instead, they can spend as long as they want, all day if needs be, searching online shops from around the world for items which their hearts desire. This has led consumer businesses to adapt or die, as they say, moving online and creating online stores that offer fast delivery and easy payment solutions.

As the African Fashion industry becomes globalized, we want to make sure those who are taking advantage of this global industry are the ones who truly understand and appreciate the beauty and cultural significance of African textiles and aesthetics. Our grassroots approach to merchandising allows us to tap the talent of designers on the African continent and in the Diaspora. These are the designers who should be shaping the African Fashion industry, and we are giving them a platform to tell their stories.

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