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Africandefine.com creates a platform where both the customers and the sellers can do their thing. It is an African fashion website for African cloths and designs. As a customer, you can get information on what you want to buy, the places with the best prices and discounts and the various services offered by clothing lines such as free shipping.  Technology is ensuring that the fashion industry grows voluptuously. People are very techno-savvy nowadays, it is the generation we are in where everything is either done wirelessly or via the internet. This is a good thing because information can be shared very easily and a lot quicker. The websites have information on African dresses, clothing designs, fashion, design clothes, men and women fashion clothing, and discounts. You can access any information you want regarding African fashion and clothes at africandefine.com. As the African Fashion industry becomes globalized, we want to make sure those who are taking advantage of this global industry are the ones who truly understand and appreciate the beauty and cultural significance of African textiles and aesthetics. Our grassroots approach to merchandising allows us to tap the talent of designers on the African continent and in the Diaspora. These are the designers who should be shaping the African Fashion industry, and we are giving them a platform to tell their stories.

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Admin        25 June 2016

South India me, Kerala 77 CE se Roman Empire se trade karat rahaa. Islam bhi pahile Kerala me Muslim traders se aais. Muslim rule subcontinent me 712 CE me aais jab ki Arab general Muhammad bin Qasim Sindh aur Multan pr kapjaa karis.[1]Iske baad dher aur

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